Have you heard…

…ask your child about the exciting happenings with our caterpillars over the last ten days.  Take a look at what exploring we have done!


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Shapes are everywhere

Yesterday at our AM meeting we were having the children share about their weekends.  Lakshmun talked to us about driving around in his jeep.  A conversation ensued about shapes in our world.

We showed the children pictures with shapes and how to make things from shapes we see every day every where.

the children were then free to go to explore our environment.  It was amazing to see the amount that went to the craft area and started to design their own creations using shapes.  Ask your child about theirs nad perhaps they can do one at home!

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We had a special visitor on Friday and the children had a great time looking for eggs around our classroom!

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Creative Fun at the Art Studio

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Imagination Happens Here

The children had the story “Not a Box” read to them yesterday.  Mrs. Seeley then asked the children what the box we have in our classroom could be throughout the book.Here are a few of the responses:

New castle, hot air balloon, a log, the cn tower
It’s not a box a mountain
Squirting- us an- plants
Fire hosing it down Kiera kiera was right building on fire
Isis squirting someone
Julian box will open
Sydney- a boat
Ersheen washing his lawn
Declan- filling up a pool

Wearing a box
Jacob robot he was right
Julian he can walk with the robot on him
Hunter it’s a costume spider man
Us man – box troll
Kiera a ghost
Declan a jar
Isi- picking up a tower
Ayan giant

Standing in that box
Declan hot air balloon
Hunter in a boat
Julian Dance in a boat
Isi- hot air balloon
Jacob pirate ship
Keira an airplane
Er sheen another cn tower
Riding an elephant
Pirate ship hot air balloon and a boat

What is it?
Kiera door
Hunter garbage can
Isi can
Brooklynn toilet outhouse
Ayan door ersheen
Declan airplane
Seeley school bus
Sitting on top of box with a hole
Hunter bench
Declan black hole
Juliah maybe he’s exercising

It is a rocket ship

Shape of a rectangle
One side a square

After, we were asking the children what we could make our box into that was located in the classroom.  Their imaginations have taken off and you wont believe what they are coming up with!  Be sure to ask your child how our box is looking and encourage them to make something at home with any box you have.  Then encourage them to write a story about it!

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Heart and Stroke Assembly

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Take a look at our day at Mountsberg!!

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Look at our day!

Check to see some of the learning happening in our day!

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Pj day and pancake breakfast

Thanks to student council for putting on this amazing treat for us!

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Trip info

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