Goodbye to another year!

What a whirlwind year! It has been wonderful seeing the students grow, learn, and achieve their goals.  We say goodbye to our year 2 students who are off to grade 1, as well as Mrs. Forster and Mrs. Weylie. We will miss you all dearly ❤

Have a wonderful summer and make sure you take time to play, read, and get outside to explore!

Reminder that the first day of school for our returning year 2 students (current year 1) will be WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5th as the first day is reserved for meeting our new year 1 students.

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Getting ready for our trip tomorrow

Our trip to Dofasco Rec Park is tomorrow. Here are some reminders for what your child will need tomorrow:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Change of clothes and bathing suit
  • Litter-less lunch (if you have pudding, applesauce, etc. open and put into a re-sealable container as any wrappers/litter will be placed back in their lunch bags)

Thank you!

Your Friendly Kindergarten Team

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June Calendar and Newsletter

Download (DOCX, 27KB)

Download (PDF, 185KB)

Email address

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Sumblox from the HWDSB discovery centre

Our students loved exploring the Sumblox kit we received from the discovery centre. They were ordering numbers, composing and decomposing numbers, adding, and matching!

It’s so great to see students who typically don’t explore numbers visiting this kit!




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We’re Back!!!!

Just in time for summer! Hehehehe!

There was a login issue as the administrator of the webpage. It locked me out, and because I was the only administrator, no one could access the blog. We have finally fixed the issue and we are happy to continue to share our ongoing learning and very busy schedule with you all!

Thank you for your patience during this time and, as always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter as well @SIBFDK2!

Mrs. Tillotson 🙂


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Domino math

Mrs. Forster had been teaching our students to play a domino train game. When the students are playing, they are identifying colours, working on counting 1-1, subitizing (identify quantity without counting), and matching. What a great activity to practise a wide range of math skills!


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Math talk…Friday!


Our scout elf Rocky leaves us a message every morning! Today he posed a math question for us to answer…

“If Santa brings presents for Mrs. Tillotson, Mrs. Forster, and Ms. M, how many presents is he bringing?”

Our students thought of answers from 2 ( poor Mrs. Tillotson with none!) all the way to 10! The great thing about this math activity is that all of the answers are correct!

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Early numbers

Today our Year 2 (and some year 1) students were exploring dot plates to investigate concepts of “how many”, and using math language about how we know. Some our our students would compare to familiar patterns (“it looks like the 4 on the dice”), or break down the numbers into their parts (“I see 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom”). This is a great way to talk about what we know about numbers.

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We’re on Twitter!

Mrs. Forster is bringing Mrs. Tillotson into the 21st century!

Follow us on Twitter @SIBFDK2

You can also see the most recent tweets along the right side of our webpage!

Click here to take you directly to our twitter page

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December Newsletter and Calendar

December is a busy month! Be sure to check the calendar and the newsletter for important dates. Events also show up in our classroom blog events page.

Click here for the December Newsletter

Click here for the December Calendar

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